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Tailor-made project for all types of companies.

In our 3D modeling and rendering department we dedicate ourself to all those companies that want to exploit these particular graphic processing techniques for their projects. We produce all types of models and renderings, that we design and study according to the customer’s requests, guaranteeing each time a unique and qualitatively impeccable result. We group both disciplines together, because we believe that there can’t be no modeling if it’s not supported by a rendering work. For us, both of them are fundamental parts in creating a great project.

LANGA Studies Technicians come from years of training in this field, and they have developed their skills to reach an extraordinary level of skill. The result, we will let you judge it.

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    Modeling and rendering, two digital arts of our time.

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    We create three-dimensional shapes in virtual spaces


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    Model and render, re-imagine the space.


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