Having a wonderful and captivating website is fundamental, like editing images, texts and contacting the potential customers on the web in time…

But what is an effective method to communicate your company’s strenght, its structure and its stability?
Videos are a worthy additional channel to distinguish yourself from the others.

Looking at the Internet’s world, the choice’s benefits of inserting one or more corporate videos in your website can be basically divided in two categories:

    videos are very captivating and can go “viral”. The goal is to astonish the client, introducing him to the company.
    The videos contained in a web page are nowadays one of the main factors which define the website’s positioning on Google’s SERP and a great growth is expected in the next years (Google purchasing YouTube marked the entrance of the videos in the SEO’s world). This evolution has come because of the video’s communication effectiveness in respect to a traditional page with texts and images.

But inserting a video into your webpage is not enough! There are several technical expedients which must be followed in order to make the video gain value for a better website’s positioning and to increase your page’s value.