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I tawt I taw a puddy tat!


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First we write,
then we give it voice.

We write the text and provide audio recording, always respecting the canons and the needs of the customer. Knowing how to give voice to images is essential to obtain a quality video production as a result. For this reason, our dubbing team combines to the technical capabilities its strong writing skills, acquired over years of experience. We use them to give our works the right touch of professionalism and uniqueness. We use professional instruments, from microphones to the most advanced audio post-production software, because each of our creations stands out from the others for its quality.

Each word we write during the Copy phase is chosen on the basis of its relevance to the message and the goal that the video wants to reach. The customer’s request always remains at the center, our artists have got the task of understanding it, elaborating it and giving it voice.

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    A voice for everything.

    Dubbing is an art that finds its best performers in the Italian territory. Knowing how to give life to the word, giving it importance and dignity within the video production is essential, so that it becomes the right frame for the images that you are showing. The voice actor isn’t born to be a protagonist, but helps the video star to show his best.

    For this reason the LANGA VIDEO team has dedicated a section to this fundamental aspect within the creation of an audiovisual product.

    Dubbing makes me work in the shadows, but I realize that it arouses much curiosity and affection among the public, and this is a great joy for me.

    Emanuela RossiActress and voice actress

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