Clarifying the fact that many render 3D have blurred and poor-designed lines LANGA VIDEO felt the needing of helping people understand what does it mean thinking in modelling, rendering and photo-insertioning terms…

We suggest to all the people who wants to follow the path for a well-don and architectural work, to attend one of LANGA VIDEO’s courses, in order to not to fall behind our contents and our internal libraries’ knowledge. Being able to model, you will shape something that at the course beginning you could only imagine.

LANGA VIDEO’s courses start from the year 2017/2018 in Alba in one of LANGA Group’s detached facilities.

They are elite courses, and are not available for everyone in order to mantain the high quality of the teacher’s transfers. The courses will start only in few selected aeras in Piedmont, here are the lucky areas: Alba, Cuneo, Torino and Bra.

Being able of transferring strategic material for the high-level 3D rendering creation needs a lot of time and effort, that is why the numer of available partecipants is limited for every course. It is represented only by professors and teachers awarded several times throughout the years.

* at the end of the course will be released a digital attendance certificate and the candidate’s evaluation. The accreditation, if requested, can be valid to gain formation credits.