Movie Maker, the famous video-editing software, was launched for the first time in the year 2000 as an inegrant part of the Windows Essentials application’s suite from Microsoft. The actual version was realized in 2002 but, like the others suite’s applications will face the January 2017 support interruption… The new version’s launch for Windows 10 has been clearly stated by Microsoft.

A different kind of intervention in respect to the ones regarding the other Windows Essentials applications’ destiny, for which the Redmond’s company directly proposes some alternatives, like the Mai, Foto and OneDrivel app. Are missed, by now, more details about the launch date, while the path Microsoft will follow to realize Windows 10 version has not been decided yet. There will be an universal Windows app or a simple conversion of the previous app through the use of Centennial tool Project?

There are a lot of video-editing dedicated applications but, as previously said, Movie Maker manged to acquire fame throughout the years among Windows users, and its simple and essential approach to the video editing activity has been appreciated from this field’s beginners. Then, the fact that it has always been distributed for free represents an additional element which makes Movie Maker worth of being mentioned.