Reflex or mirrorless? You have decided to indulge your passion for photography by buying a camera. The question that blocks you is: do I have to buy a reflex or a mirrorless? First of all mirrorless, as well as the SLR cameras, allow you to change the lenses, but as you can guess from the name of the first, the mirrorless ones do not have a complex lens system that instead own the SLR cameras. This aspect allows mirrorless to be generally smaller, lighter and easier to use.

Dimensions and weight: Size matters. Reflex cameras, also known as DSLR, are often large and quite heavy machines. On the contrary, mirrorless, or CSC, are small and light machines.

Lenses: The objectives are the strength of the SLR. Even mirrorless defend themselves with excellent goals. In the purchase of lenses for mirrorless it is not enough to look at the price to understand which is the best product, you will need to be advised carefully.

Optical sight: Do we prefer an optical view before shooting or for us is it better a digital viewfinder to understand before the shot what will be the final yield? In the first option we have to focus on a reflex , otherwise better a CSC.

Continuous shooting: With high-speed shooting and continuous shooting, digital compact cameras are the best. This feature is especially useful for capturing action scenes without losing quality.

Video: Reflex cameras are widely used for video production. CSCs are used less but allow recording of videos in 4K and are considered by many to be the future of the industry.

Image quality: In this the SLR wins, but it depends on our needs. If we look for a camera to start with, we will not spend much. This is why even the compact digital cameras offer good solutions in terms of image quality.

Price: Unlike what is believed, CSCs are not cheaper than SLR cameras. The gap between the two categories is shrinking, but the cheaper mirrors still lack a whole range of features that encourage the reflex to prefer.

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