Aerial shootings have never been easier.

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Aerial shootings, with cutting-edge drones.

LANGA Studios provide a series of ultra professional drones for the production of aerial shots. They can be used for documentaries, territorial promos, corporate videos and any other video project. The use of drones allows us to reach angles and shots that were previously unimaginable, thus achieving a surprising and striking final result. Over time, the LANGA video makers have developed remarkable skills in using these highly sophisticated and complex devices, which they are able to handle in a professional and expert way.

At the base of each shot, we perform lights, shots and subject studies, to be sure that the final result is able to surprise and amaze the viewer.

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    Many techniques for a quality result.

    Slow speed

    For more cinematic shots and evocative scenes, we perform delicate and harmonious maneuvers, planning the flight in every detail.

    Two axes

    A trick that the LANGA video makers apply by flying backwards and downwards, at a constant speed.

    Lateral movements

    Most of the aerial shots are taken moving forward or backward, while lateral movements are the ideal solution for impressive shots.

    Orbit effect

    The Orbit effect consists in making the drone rotating around a subject, in a circular and constant way. This shot is one of the most difficult to perform.

    Fly-through shots

    Passing the drone through one or more obstacles can create highly scenic and fun effects.


    Using the gimbal (gyroscope) in combination with the drone’s movements can create truly unique shots.


    Giving depth to the scenes using the drone’s parallax effects can help the viewers to understand the real dimensions of the surrounding environment.

    360 Pan

    Creating a 360° panoramic view is extremely difficult. The visual effect, however, is very suggestive and satisfying.

    Some aerial shots

    Discover some aerial photographs of companies and landscapes, developed and post-produced by our photographers. On the left you can see our operators grappling with forklifts, and on the right you have the final rendering of the image.

    Professional drones and quadricopters

    Impress the viewer, but from above.


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