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Ground shots with latest-generation cameras, for 4K shootings.

LANGA video makers are able to perform any type of shooting with ground-level cameras, thanks to the use of advanced equipment and their vast experience. The use of professional instruments also allows us to produce moving images characterized by a perfect framing stabilization, achieved already during shooting and not in post-production. In fact, the LANGA studios can use sliders, steadycams, gimbals and other tools that, combined with the use of ultra-high-definition video cameras and latest-generation cameras, allow us to achieve surprising results.

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    Many techniques for a quality result.

    Extreme long shot

    The frame is far from the subject. It is not visible due to the distance. It is used as a setting shot.

    Very long shot

    It is used to place subjects in their surroundings. For example, a man in the middle of a street.

    Long shot

    The subject occupies the entire frame or as much space as possible. It’s used to give more emphasis to the shot.

    Middle shot

    Show part of the subject, giving the impression of seeing it in full. It’s the equivalent of the way you look at a person.

    Middle close-up shot

    It is a shot halfway between a middle shot and a close-up shot.

    Close-up shot

    In a close-up shot the frame is completely occupied by a part of the subject.

    Extreme close-up shot

    It shows an extreme level of detail, for example the nose of a subject that is smelling something.


    It shows one part of the subject in detail, for example the hands holding a gun and slowly pulling the trigger.

    Transition cut shot

    It’s a shot showing a different element from the subject, for example some people passing by.

    Double shot

    It includes two people. The levels of detail and distance are similar to those of the middle shot.

    Over the shoulder shot

    The subject is shot by a point located behind a person within the frame.

    Interlocutory shot

    A shot that shows a person who listens to the subject and reacts.

    POV shot

    It shows a scene from the point of view of a subject.

    Weather shot

    In this case the weather is the main subject of the shot. This type of scene is often used as a background for the graphics.

    Case study

    Here is a backstage of the corporate video made for ICA Tissue, a company specializing in paper transformation. As you can see our operators/video makers use 4K cameras and high definition cameras, to give the customer a unique product of its kind.

    Sliders, cranes and steadicams, for a professional result.

    Impressing the audience, but always keeping our feets on the ground.

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